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Delivery Information

When does my order will be shipped?
After receipt of payment, orders will be sent immediately (on working days) or at least the next working day.

When does my order will be delivered?

As soon as we start packing your order we will sent it mostly the same day. All orders are shipped with mail order companies and these deliver within 2-10 working days. Other exceptions are:

- hard weather conditions
- If we receive the payment late
- If there is nobody in the address during delivery (you will be informed by the mailordercompany)
- In official holidays
- If the address is wrong (you will be informed by the mailordercompany)
- If the products are not available for that period (you will be informed by our customer service)

Where do we ship?

- Germany
- Netherlands
- United Kingdom
- France
- Italy
- Spain
- Belgium
- Hungary
- Sweden
- Austria
- Denmark
- Finland
- Slovakia
- Norway
- Ireland
- Croatia

How can I track my parcel?
We will provide all track and trace numbers of your orders. As a result, we have chosen to do this only for late shipments. If your order is late, please contact our customer service  [email protected] for help en check out your order.

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